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Jesse Hamil tells about his experience taking his Dalmatian Mr. Jiggs to an Obedience Trial.


In preparation for the DCA (Dalmatian Club of America) Specialty Jesse took Mr. Jiggs to a fun match which was held in Reno, Nevada two weeks before the DCA Specialty. Jesse had taught Mr. Jiggs using Dr. Miller’s DOG-MASTER SYSTEM. So Mr. Jiggs had never walked on a leash. In fact, Mr. Jiggs had never even known what a leash was.


When Jesse arrived with Mr. Jiggs to enter the fun match he was informed he had to have a collar and leash on his dog in order to remain on the premises. This surprised him, but undaunted, Jesse borrowed a show lead from a conformation participant. So equipped, Jesse and Mr. Jiggs entered the Novice A ring and performed the prescribed exercises for the very first time. MR. JIGGS RECEIVED A 181 SCORE.


Then, without further practice, Jesse made ready and left for the DCA Specialty in San Mateo. However, his car broke down on the highway, late in the evening just north of Sacramento. Jesse and Mr. Jiggs had to spend the night in the car. When dawn came, help arrived and Jesse fixed the car. He drove on, arriving in San Mateo at the trial site just as Mr. Jiggs’ number was called by the Novice A ring steward to appear in the ring.


Jesse says: “the situation had all the earmarks of a disaster. I was tired, disheveled and very dirty. Jiggs was also weary. I had intended to purchase a collar and leash when we arrived at the show, but there was no time. Mrs. Alfred Treen, the judge, loaned Mr. Jiggs a collar and leash. Even though Mr. Jiggs was as exhausted as I, he came through. He performed all the Novice exercises as he was supposed to. When he finished in the ring, I started to go clean myself up. Before I could, I heard Mrs. Treen call us back. I thought she wanted her collar and leash returned to her. Instead she summoned us into the ring and handed us the first prize! Imagine my surprise. I was very proud of Jiggs. He won that prize all by himself.


His performance made me even more convinced that we were using a training method which makes the old jerk methods quite obsolete. The DOG-MASTER training is all done off lead. The “Come” command is taught first. This command establishes the dog-owner relationship which is so extremely important. Everything after that is a spin-off of the “Come” command. The only times in training that the owner touches his dog is in praise. There is absolutely no scolding, no slapping, no kneeing, or jerking of a choke chain, etc. Nothing negative. All training is positive, humane and very enjoyable.”



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